System applications for management and accounting automation based on the “1C: Enterprise” system of programs are in widespread use in the Russian market, and occupy leading positions in the small, medium and large cap business segments as well as with governmental agencies.

The “1C: Enterprise” system of programs consists of a technological platform (the core), including a tool kit needed for development and completion of applications (configurations), and a large number of applied solutions developed by 1C and third party designers.

The line of applied solutions developed by 1C Company and their repertory of designer tools, recommendations, technologies and methodologies provide exhaustive capabilities for the solution of accounting and management needs.

ALP Group is experienced in the construction of information systems using the following configurations for the “1C: Enterprise” platform:

  • «1С: Enterprise» — a universal cloud and on-premise system for automating a company’s financial and wider operational activities;
  • «1С: Accounting 8», «1С: Accounting 8 CORP» — automation solutions for business and tax accounting for small and medium cap businesses in the corporate market;
  • «1С: Trade Management 8» - a solution for the automation of current and management accounting and analysis and planning of trade operations;
  • «1С: Payroll and Human Resources 8» — a solution for the automation of human resources management tasks and personnel recordkeeping and payroll, in compliance with legal requirements;
  • «1С: Comprehensive Automation 8» — a comprehensive management and accounting automation solution for a broad spectrum of commercial businesses;
  • «1C: Production Enterprise Management 8» — a comprehensive solution for the automation of management and accounting at production/manufacturing businesses;
  • «1С: Consolidation 8» — a solution for the automation of a wide spectrum of needs that normally arise with corporations and holding companies (activity planning, efficiency control, preparation of consolidated reports);
  • «1С: Records Management 8» — a solution for the automation of records management which is appropriate for the automation of the handling of documents at all stages in their life cycle and is used at companies in a wide variety of industry classifications.

In selecting a provider for the creation, assistance and support of information systems, what is important is not just their track record of completed projects or the number of certified specialists that the company has, but also how clients have evaluated the results obtained from their collaboration. Please acquaint yourselves with the information on ALP Group projects.