1С: Accounting 8 and 1С: Accounting 8 CORP

“1С: Accounting 8” is a universal program for the automation of business and tax accounting and the preparation of required (regulatory) reports. “1C: Accounting 8” is the ready solution for accounting at self-sustaining organizations in any area of activity: manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, provision of services, etc.

Business and tax accounting with the 1C: Accounting 8” configuration was developed in compliance with current RF legislation. The configuration includes a business accounting plan created in accordance with the RF Ministry of Finance Order of October 31, 2000, No. 94, On the Approval of a Business Accounting Plan for the Financial and Economic Activity of Organizations, and Instructions Regarding its Application.

The configuration supports the following taxation systems:

  • the general taxation system (for payers of profit taxes, in accordance with chapter 25 of the RF Tax Code);
  • the simplified taxation system (chapter 26.2 of the RF TC);
  • taxation system in the form of a unified tax on imputed income for individual forms of activity (chapter 26.3 of the RF TC).

“1C: Accounting 8” provides for the solution of tax needs facing a business’s accounting department in cases where the latest is fully responsible for the accounts of the business, including, for example, primary document statements, sales accounts, etc.

The CORP version of the “1C: Accounting 8” program allows for accounting of cross-sections of organizational units, whether broken out or not on a separate balance sheet.

A separate income and expenditure account is prepared for each segregated division, as well as their actual profits. It allows for separate numbering of documents by segregated division.

A specific type of record management is provided between divisions for which separate balance sheets are prepared, using “Advice” type documents:

  • epreciated value advices;
  • business inventory advices;
  • settlement advices;
  • advices on other operations.

Tax accounting for separate divisions is prepared taking their particular characteristics into account. The computation of shares and the allocation of profit taxes for the inspectorates of the Federal Tax Service where the individual divisions are registered are performed automatically in the handling of regulatory operations. For the analysis of the information by division, whether broken out or not on a separate balance sheet, any standard report systems can be used.

The “1C: Accounting 8 CORP” version was used by ALP Group specialists for the automation of business and tax accounting in such organizations as GAZPROM NEFT OJSC and Russian Post FSUC.