1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8

“1C: Production Enterprise Management 8” is a comprehensive applied solution that encompasses the primary contours of management and accounting for production enterprises. The solution provides for the comprehensive automation of management and accounting processes for businesses in compliance with Russian and international standards.

“1C: Production Enterprise Management 8” admits data correlation of various accounts:

  • independence of management, business and tax accounting data;
  • comparability of management, business and tax accounting data;
  • concurrence of summary and quantitative evaluations of assets and liabilities based on management, business and tax accounting data, when there is no objective reason for their discrepancy.

All of the automation routines for this applied solution can be conditionally divided into two large groups:

  • routines supporting operational activities of the business;
  • routines for non-operational accounting.

The first group includes procedures for processing primary documents, current, management, business and tax accounting and operational planning (including financial planning) The second group includes regulatory and management accounting and longer-range planning, usually for a month or more.

«1C: Production Enterprise Management 8» provides:

  • company management and policy makers responsible for business development with expanded opportunities for analysis, planning and flexible management of company resources in order to enhance competitiveness;
  • managers, division heads and employees directly involved in production, sales, supply or other activities that ensure the production process with tools that will enhance the effectiveness of everyday work in their areas of responsibility;
  • employees in company accounting areas with the means to automate account processing in full compliance with the requirements of the law and company corporate standards.

The implementation of the applied solution is most effective when used in holding companies and line-operated manufacturing structures with several thousand employees.