Designations and Projects

Partnership with 1C:

  • partner in 1C partner network since 1996 (Designation - 1С: Franchises);
  • partner in 1С: Consultingpartner network::
    • management consulting: Candidate for 1C: Consulting Partnership;
    • competency Centre: «CPC Candidate»;
  • credentials of ALP Group Specialists:

ALP Group Projects

ALP Group (ALP-IS LLC) has experience in the successful completion of complex implementations with high system operational quality demands, as testified in comments from clients, and experience in providing project management technological services for the installation and support of corporate information systems on the “1C: Enterprise 8” platform under the “Centre for Corporate Technological Support” programme.

ALP Group is experienced in the installation of information systems for large companies (with over 100 users).

ALP Group projects included on the TOP-500 list of largest projects completed using the “1C: Enterprise 8” platform: