ALP Group receives CCTS Project Membership Status

The CCTP Project is a joint operations organization involving clients, 1C partner companies and 1C Company for implementation and support of complex information systems.

Participants in the project are partner companies in the “1C: Consulting Network” with experts on their staff that are certified in technical areas, and that have signed a three-party agreement with 1C Company and a client.

CCTP members are focused on the corporate-level implementation of:

  • information systems operating under high-load conditions;
  • information systems with high performance quality demands:
    • for system productivity;
    • for system availability and stability.

Implementation and support of information systems under the CCTP project is performed directly by 1C partners. 1C Company provides project management technological services.

In connection with this, 1C Company engineers:

  • provide all necessary methodology and tools;
  • monitor the accuracy of the technical solutions employed;
  • provide operational assistance in the resolution of complex technical problems;
  • monitor work flow and results obtained.

Currently there are only 11 companies on the CCTP member list. Inclusion of the ALP Group on this list is testimony of the high level of quality of their work and the technological complexity of the projects undertaken by the company.