Enrolment of ALP-IS LLC in “1C: Consulting”

ALP-IS was enrolled as a candidate in the “1C: Consulting” partnership at the beginning of May, 2009.

“1C: Consulting” is a network of 1C Company partners providing consulting services for management, accounting and tax assessment, together with automation of management and accounting needs using the “1C: Enterprise 8” database system of programs.

Primary Tasks of “1C: Consulting”:

  • providing clients with comprehensive service, from solutions for consulting needs to company automation, carried out by a single team of specialists;
  • improvement of the quality of implementation of management programming products of the “1C: Enterprise 8” system by a comprehensive approach to the solution of company needs, making use of both management and accounting consulting tools;
  • support, development and promotion of modern management technology in areas of management, corporate and tax consulting;
  • development of comprehensive automation project performance and management technologies;
  • creation and promotion of a qualified network of partners with knowledge and experience in solving management needs, using the capabilities of the management solution system in “1C: Enterprise 8”.