New System for Handling of Business and Personnel Accounts at SunLion Sanitary Fixtures

SunLion LLC is implementing the “Comprehensive Automation 8.1” configuration.

Currently they are handling their business and personnel accounting with the “1C Comprehensive Configuration 7.7” package. The “1C: Comprehensive Automation 8” package was developed on the “1C: Enterprise 8” technology platform, and its capabilities significantly surpass the ones provided in the similar comprehensive solutions in version 7.7. Its main advantages include:

  • expanded functionality;
  • enhanced methods for preparing commercial and analytical accounts;
  • fundamentally new capabilities for analysis of financial activity;
  • ergonomic interface;
  • high level of scalability and productivity;
  • powerful capability for limiting access.

Accounts will be run in parallel for the current month, on the existing “Comprehensive Configuration 7.7” base and on “Comprehensive Automation 8.1”. This is required to acquaint users with the capabilities and account handling principles in the new configuration.

Handling of accounts in the new configuration is planned to start in January 2009.