New Version of “1C: Payroll and Human Resources 8” Standard Configuration

What’s New in the Version

Use of Accounting Documents:

Improved form ergonomics and document handling for recording the computation of average earnings. Users are provided with clearly labelled “big buttons” for full and partial calculation of documents, the capability of clearly specifying the start date of the average earnings covered period regardless of the pay period dates indicated in the same document, and additionally to specify the effective accounting period.

Utilization of Documents for “Timesheet”:

The document handling in “Timesheet” covering autocomplete of data accounting for daily time has changed: hours are not clocked for days off. The capability of making multiple entries for one employee has been introduced, permitting the use of more than four time classifications for one employee.

The configuration has been adapted for utilization with the “1C: Enterprise 8.2” platform. Instructions for the transition are contained in file 1cv8upd.htm. Please note: Version 2.5.24 of the configuration “Payroll and Human Resources” (edition 2.5) was designed for use with version (and later versions) of the platform.