Production Management

ALP Group projects involving automation of management for companies engaged in production and manufacturing are performed using the 1C: Production Enterprise Management 8 standard configuration, a comprehensive applied solution encompassing the primary management and accounting features of manufacturing businesses.

In the average situation, the automation process comes down to automation of two areas of application:

  • the operating activities of the businesses;
  • non-operational accounting and sectional analyses.

The first area includes the processes for processing primary documents, current accounting for management, business and tax applications, and operational planning (including financial planning). The second area includes longer range (usually monthly or longer) regulatory and management accounting and planning.

The implementation of “1C: Production Enterprise Management 8” has maximum impact when used with holding companies and multi-office manufacturing entities with several thousand employees. This is because it provides:

  • company management and policy makers responsible for business development with expanded opportunities for analysis, planning and flexible management of company resources in order to enhance competitiveness;
  • tools to managers, division heads and employees directly involved in production, sales, supply or other activities in the production process that will enhance the effectiveness of everyday work in their areas of responsibility;
  • the means to employees in company accounting areas to automate account processing in full compliance with the requirements of the law and company corporate standards.