Implementation of Business Applications 1С

The preponderant share of the projects completed by the ALP Group concern the implementation of accounting and management systems using the “1C: Enterprise” platform database for large, widely dispersed businesses, and multi-office holding companies and company groups. The completion of such projects requires developing comprehensive solutions that must respond to the needs of central (management) companies and provide management with consolidated information, along with taking into account the specific characteristics of each of the businesses (branches).

Typical Sequence of Implementation Phases for Multi-Office Entities:

ALP Group has years of experience in the completion of projects with the following conditions and requirements:

  • completion of corporate projects under tight deadlines;
  • creation of comprehensive mass systems in the absence of clearly formulated accounting policies;
  • performance of projects at project-driven companies (with tight monitoring of deadlines and project results) and at companies where project management was not implemented at the corporate level;
  • satisfying SLA terms at companies with multiple branches and strict standards;
  • cooperation with IT entities of corporate clients and allocation of responsibilities;
  • cooperation with audit consulting companies.

In the performance of projects, the ALP Group specialists use the typical configurations developed by 1C Company along with specialized solutions that they have developed themselves for the automation of current (commercial), business and tax accounting, as well as for budgeting and investments.

Proven technology and practices are the foundation for the positive results that ALP Group have achieved in the completion of their projects:

  • creation of design offices;
  • creation of competence centres;
  • development of comprehensive solutions that satisfy both corporate level (“centre”) and field network requirements;
  • organization of change committees to handle administration and agreement on changes;
  • replication, system assistance, development and support methodologies.