Response Rate Optimization

Needs involving optimization of the performance of programming products using the “1C: Enterprise” platform usually arise on operational systems with the following criteria:

  • over 100 users are regularly on the system;
  • high load system (heavy volume and intensive exchange of data);
  • presence of peak loads (for example, at account closing time);
  • presence in the user company of branches and widely separated divisions.

The problems appear in the form of:

  • a decrease in productivity of the “1C: Enterprise” platform itself;
  • an increase in the number of deadlocks relative to the DBMS carrier.

To maintain optimum productivity, the systems periodically perform system monitoring and servicing operations, load tests and procedures.

The highest level of attention is usually devoted to productivity monitoring during periods of system modification.

An IT-audit of the systems is conducted in the event of a significant increase in productivity demand. The audit report will provide recommendations on methods for increasing productivity and the risks and advisability of these or other actions.

For projects concerning the operational optimization of programming products, the 1C ALP Group specialists guarantee:

  • required parallelism of system operation in simultaneous operations involving a large number of users with competing data;
  • system operation stability and productivity, including at peak load times;
  • a 2-3 times average decrease in document processing time at peak load.